What is Storage Area Network(SAN)?

In today’s article, I am going to tell you all about storage area network, if you use phone – laptop etc. then you will know about the importance of data storage. We all need to increase the storage, in such a situation, we all take the help of hard disk to store the data or we back up the data and format it, but all this is done on a small scale.

If we talk about any companies, then it is not possible for them to do so because they have a lot of data storage. In such a situation, storage of data is very important for them and to get out of this situation, big companies use storage area network, which will be known in detail in today’s post.

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What is Storage Area Network?

STORAGE AREA NETWORK is also called SAN which is made by combining hardware and software. Storage area network is a network in which the rate of data transfer is very fast, which is used to transfer data between different servers.

In SAN, a storage pool is created by connecting storage devices such as hard disks together, after which these devices are connected to the network switch. STORAGE AREA NETWORK DATA STORAGE DEVICE Used to get access to disk ARRAY. Disk is an important component of ARRAY storage area network.

Components of a Storage Area Network

The main components of the storage area network are divided into three layers.



All the servers are present in the host layer itself, the high performance application is run by the server itself and hard disk is required to store the data of this application. Each server in the host layer uses a host bus adapter to connect to it, the host bus adapter itself serves to connect the server to the switch hub.


The storage layer is connected to the various devices of the storage pool, under the storage layer, CD, TAPE DRIVER and DVD etc.


Fabric layer, also called SAN layer, is the actual network part of the storage area network. FABRIC LAYER is the focal point between the server and the storage device in the host layer.

What is the use of storage area network?

Following are some of the major uses of SAN.

  • It enhances the presence of the application.
  • It improves the performance and quality of the application.
  • SAN improves storage resources and also protects data.

Advantages of SAN

Following are some of the great benefits of SAN, which have been told to you all.

  • SAN solves the problem of bandwidth.
  • A large level of facility is available to store data.
  • All data is always backed up.
  • Security of data is very important at any level and it protects the data well and also protects it from hackers.
  • In this, the speed of data transfer is very fast and it transfers data at a speed of up to 5 Gbps.
  • It is very easy to add and remove storage devices.

Disadvantages of SAN

Following are some of the disadvantages of storage area network.

  • Storage area network does not work equally for all servers, it does not work properly on any server.
  • It costs a lot to use it.
  • SAN is not a suitable option for low cost servers as maintaining the SAN on the server incurs unnecessary maintenance cost.
  • Storage area network is used in a common environment due to which in case of data leak from one computer, it can affect the others as well.


SAN is the main focus of SWITCH storage area network which is designed for low latency and high performance network. It is mainly used for the transfer of data, due to which the speed of data transfer does not decrease even when there is high traffic.

Various types of ports are used in SAN, 16, 24 and 32 ports are used for small SANs and 64, 128 ports are used for large SANs.


Friends, today you all learned about the storage area network, apart from this, you also learned about the advantages and disadvantages of SAN and its SWITCHES. I hope you liked this article and you must have learned something from it.

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