Waterfront Peninsula Apartments at Business Bay Dubai

When you want a home that’s both modern and luxurious, look no further than Peninsula Business Bay. This incredible contemporary residential development is located in Business Bay surrounded by the Dubai Water Canal on three sides making it an island of sorts within less than five minutes from downtown Dubai. Made up into 3 towers with the stunning glass-fronted design each tower offers studios for rent or purchase as well one to three-bedroom Peninsula apartments perfect if your family needs space

Peninsula Apartments Core Features

  • Amenities for a luxurious existence
  • A cutting-edge fitness Centre
  • The hotel is located in the Centre of Business Bay
  • Within walking distance of Downtown Dubai
  • Simple payment plan
  • Location is ideal for rental options
  • The Dubai Canal is a one-of-a-kind waterfront site
  • Rental yields are excellent
  • Layouts that are luxurious and large, with high-quality finishes

Peninsula Apartments Detail

The first tower which stands at 518 units provides just enough room depending upon how big their household currently size maybe while also giving them beautiful views thanks to its impressive location high atop Landmark Tower 1’s roof deck where they can take advantage of the outdoor dining area equipped. At the Peninsula 36-storey tower, you can find a variety of living spaces from studios to three-bedroom Peninsula apartments for sale.

Peninsula Apartments

The site offers 15 premium podium simplexes that range in size and price tags just as much. With starting at around 385 sq. ft. for a studio apartment all way up through spacious 3 bedroom homes measuring at 1,950+ square feet available. It isn’t hard to see why more people are choosing this option instead of going down the market on smaller or cheaper units elsewhere. In addition, Peninsula Two will have 70 luxury seaside simplexes distributed across 6 levels.

Luxury Interior Layouts

The units are beautifully designed with open plan interior layouts, luxurious island kitchens, and freestanding baths at Peninsula 2 Business Bay. The natural light brings in tons of beauty from floor to ceiling windows while the balconies provide stunning views all around. All finishing materials used throughout this complex have been selected carefully so they won’t fade or peel over time – no need for maintenance fees either.

The Peninsula is a community that provides residents with everything they could desire. Besides being home to pools and fitness centers, this development also features an extensive retail plaza for convenience stores or any other type of business you may have in mind. Plans are surrounding the canal too. Not just one but two parks come complete with ample space where children can play while their parents take a break from all work at hand.

A waterfront promenade gives visitors more opportunity than ever before because every inch has been designed thoughtfully, no detail gets left unconsidered here. With easy access right next door into Downtown Dubai City Center which offers some great attractions such as Burj Khalifa Tower.

Construction & Payment Plan

The Peninsula 2 Business Bay Construction continues to be one of the most talked-about real estate projects in this area. Guaranteed not only luxury living but also an unprecedented view that can’t be bought anywhere else. The groundbreaking ceremony took place back when it opened for preorders with 70 condos available, 15 additional were added at completion making 120 total units available now.

The payment plans are easy. 30/70% and estimated completion are 2024. So far, this is the only detail that the developers have revealed. So visit binayah.com for more detailed information.

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