How long do tire inflators of a car last?

Tire inflators have a certain life span and it is necessary to change them after a given time period in order to avoid any unpleasant situations on the road which might be caused by their malfunctioning because of the ageing process or other unknown reasons. This device requires regular inspection for its all parts so that you can spot the right moment of replacing it with a new one.

One of the most important questions in this respect is how long do tire inflators last? Replacing this part after a given time period not only ensures a safe ride but also helps to prevent damage to your wallet with an inflated expense caused by flat tires with no spare one or unnecessary repairs.

The usual view among drivers is that it is generally recommended to change car equipment which has already served its half-life. The same rule might be applied to the rubber inflators making it clear when you should replace them. According to statistics, the average lifespan of these devices usually ranges from 2 to 10 years. Users are supposed to check necessary parts for age-related problems at least once per year or even more frequently depending on their budget and habits.

Car owners can experience problems with their vehicle’s tire inflators for one of several reasons. 

There are many possibilities described below.  

Means of usage & maintenance

     The first reason why it may happen is because of improper use and lack of maintenance on behalf of the owner. It is very important to read all instructions provided by the manufacturer before using any kind of device on your car, especially if this tool is designed for repairing tires or filling them with air. Also, don’t forget to check up all available information regarding the device only after reading every carefully.

Losses caused by external factors

     External factors may also become the reason for the inflator malfunction. For example, if you leave your car in a garage where it is exposed to excessively high temperatures for a long time, then this will affect its overall performance and might even cause malfunctions. The reason is that extreme temperature changes may damage some components inside the inflator or tire itself. Air bubbles may also appear because of low air pressure caused by cold weather so inflation becomes necessary for you to drive safely at any temperature range.

Aging process

         Manufacturers recommend changing car tire inflators after 5-7 years since the moment it was purchased. This period of time is considered safe enough for your safety on the road which means that if you have bought your inflator some time ago, then the right thing to do is replace it with a new one. Also, it is very important to inspect all parts of this device on a regular basis in order to avoid any unpleasant situations which might occur while driving.

Common malfunctions

     Usually, inflators get overheated during use which sometimes leads to stopping working or losing pressure immediately after you stop using them. When your car overheats, there are high chances for every tire inflator to get damaged due to excessive heat because its whole cooling system can’t cope with an increase in temperature even if the vehicle isn’t running. Another reason why this device fails is that of air bubbles building up inside it. When you see that it is time to replace your car tire inflator, you are advised not to use it any longer.

A faulty sensor

     There are some models which can be easily identified as faulty by their sensors if they become defective or simply worn out with the passing of time. When this happens, the sensor won’t work properly and may turn off while you’re trying to inflate your car’s tires, therefore, causing damage. 

 Electronics & air compressor unit

You should inspect these parts of your tire inflator on a regular basis too because electronics might overheat causing malfunctions. Also, note that low voltage is another reason why this device may stop working since it uses electricity most of all during the operation process. There’s also a possibility of the air compressor getting damaged because of wrong usage and the lack of maintenance on your part.

How to inspect and change tire inflators?

Inspecting all parts you can get access to requires professional tools which is enough if you know what exactly should be checked by you. Before doing anything, make sure that this device has been disconnected from the power supply in order not to cause any damage. Begin with checking up electronic components since they are likely to fail before everything else does. Take care not to touch any moving parts when inspecting the electronics section because its movement might lead to their break apart or become even worse after use, especially when there are high-temperature levels around. After that, check-up rubber hoses and air compressor unit. This part of your tire inflator shouldn’t be used if you see that its rubber is broken or worn out and it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Take the inflators to a specialized car service station for checking up and fixing. In order to do this, there’s no need to disconnect the whole device from the deflated wheel since you can inspect it while being connected. You should also remember that changing your car tire inflators each time after 5-7 years will help you avoid any unpleasant situations on the road which might occur during its malfunctioning because of the aging process. After all, spending some money on buying a new device is much better than facing expensive repairs or paying for damages caused by its malfunctioning.

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