How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening works by coating the tooth with a whitening Dental Clinics in DHA Lahore agent that breaks down the colorants in the enamel. There are three types: in-office whitening, at-home whitening, and dual whitening.

The drug is activated by light in a dental clinic. Using a compact light irradiator saves time and reduces stress on the patient. A simple irradiator for home use is also available Dental Clinics in DHA Lahore.

Whitening Has Many Advantages:

The most obvious benefit is improved appearance. Your facial impression will change, and you may feel more confident in your mouth. Also, whitening is done at a dental clinic after the dentist examines the mouth, treats tooth decay and gingivitis, and prepares the mouth by removing tartar and cleaning the tooth surface. The advantages will be huge. Also, many people are enthusiastic about brushing and maintaining their teeth after treatment to keep their mouth clean and maintain their oral health. Whitening, in my opinion, also promotes oral health awareness.

Goal Setting with Thorough Counseling:

The dentist explains whitening thoroughly after listening to the patient’s concerns. Then, using a shade guide (tooth colour sample), compare the current tooth colour to the desired whiteness tone and calculate the target tooth whiteness.

Oral Issues to Examine:

Schedule an intraoral exam. Demyelinated teeth and anterior teeth Dental Clinics in DHA Lahore with fillings and coverings are thoroughly examined by the dentist. Start treatment if needed. The prosthesis can be replaced to whiten the teeth. A dental hygienist first removes tartar and cleans the tooth surface.

Using a light irradiator to whiten teeth:

To whiten the teeth, a whitening agent is applied to the Then, for about 6 minutes, a light irradiator is placed in the mouth with a special opening device. This step should be repeated three times. An irradiator can irradiate even when you move your head.

Identify Current and Future Treatment Needs:

Confirm the procedure and plan ahead. The whitening appears to fade after a week, so the hospital recommends repeating the procedure. It’s easier to avoid re-whitening if done quickly.

Regular inspections and maintenance can help you look and feel good

After whitening your teeth, you should have regular checkups every four months. The next whitening treatment often comes six months later. Our whitening Root Canal Treatment in Lahore uses a light irradiator worn on the patient’s mouth, so you can relax while receiving treatment.

It saves time and is efficient because it irradiates close by. As a result, more men and elderly patients are seeking occasional whitening. My medical training taught me that the mouth is the body’s entrance and that dental and oral health affect overall health. By making your teeth white and clean, we hope to improve your appearance as well as your health. Protect your oral health and beauty with tooth whitening.

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