7year old English boy has memorized the entire Qur’an

Yusuf Aslam, 7, of Luton, England, has memorised the Qur’an since birth. Online Quran Tutors in UK, His older sister Maariya memorised the Qur’an at the same age two years ago.

He memorized Allah’s book in under two years. Limed contacted Yusuf’s mother, who shed light on his journey.

What did he think after memorising the Qur’an?

I was in a dream. For this path, Allah (swt) has blessed us. “If you try,” Allah said, “I will make it easy for you.” Enjoy the feeling of having done everything possible for your akhirah – InShaAllah.

Maariya, did she help?

Maariya fills in when I’m busy. Maariya has excellent hifz skills and has always been a reliable helper. It’s always fun to watch them compete. The plan calls for’revision buddies.’ That will require a lot of supervision before they realise their goal. Yusuf is blessed to have Hafiza Maariya as his sister.

Did you face any challenges?

The journey was not without challenges. Hifz is a game changer. For about two years, you have no social life.

Alhamdulillah, Yusuf easily adopted the hifz routine after seeing his sister do so and listening to Online Quran Tutors in UK before bed. He seemed eager to learn it, even if he had no idea how long and difficult it would be. I quit my job to homeschool my kids. As a parent, I am grateful for kids who are cooperative and maintain a healthy work-life balance. The second time was a breeze.

How did you get your son to become a hafiz?

Alhamdulillah, he hasn’t once said he doesn’t want to do it. Aspiring Hafiz: Knowing only a small portion of the Qur’an, he wondered why he wasn’t called a hafiz like his sister. I told him he had to know everything.

He was regularly rewarded. He’s been promised a big party, and he knows he can ask for anything. InshaAllah, his main prize will be an Umrah trip during the December holidays – book now!

Many parents worry about their kids’ future. Your child will be used to a hifz routine in as little as a month

Parents should know enough tajweed to help their kids. To participate, you must have this. The overall learning for your child will be more positive, and even though it is not a race, you will see results much sooner than if you were not involved. Before they return the next day, practise at home with them.

Knowing that if Yusuf memorises the Qur’an online, he will, like his sister, breeze through most exams. Parents often express concern about hifz’s academic impact. My kids were 5 and 7 when they started learning hifz. I reasoned that schoolwork would not be affected by our trip. I am convinced that hifz improves a child’s memory. Maariya has a ‘highly superior’ IQ and has passed her grammar school exams. She excelled at England’s top grammar school. Allah (swt) blesses these kids for following and practising the Quran Lessons Online. I am confident that Yusuf will excel academically, give public speeches, and, inshallah, become a world-renowned scholar.

Finally, set goals and make changes

Yusuf’s mother has helped hundreds of parents who contacted her on Facebook. Go to the page. Their actions show the Qur’an’s miraculous nature and how Allah keeps His book alive in the hearts of His servants. Allah bless the family.

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