It is just as vital to style an outfit as it is to buy the appropriate one. Your entire look is determined by how you color coordinate or style your accessories with the ensemble you choose to wear, and selecting the appropriate bottoms is an important component of outfit styling. Because they can make or break your outfit, and while basic trouser designs will always remain timeless, you may always experiment with the latest trouser shapes. Click here to see Ansab Jahangir clothes.

The key to a fantastic bottom is the fabric, the cut, and, of course, the styling! You may always rely on the core jeans in your closet, but you can also try something new to update your outfit. Pants are also the easiest way to transition from day tonight. If you’re wearing a blouse, mix it with jeans for a semi-casual look, and if you’re heading to a formal dinner, match it with formal pants. It all comes down to style, and while millennials were obsessed with slim jeans. We are here for Gen Z’s preference for baggy and wide-leg cuts. So, toss off those slim jeans that are so out of date and opt for the latest bottoms styles. We’ve compiled the most up-to-date trouser design inspiration guide for you. So don’t wait any longer and keep reading to get the chicest bottoms that are anything but basic.

Bell Bottoms

Capri Trousers

High Waist Pants


Tulip Shalwar

Wide Leg Pants

Cigarette Pants

Color Block

Printed Trousers


Jeans with Bell Bottoms

This has to be our favorite pair of jeans. It can help you look more structured and toned with little effort. Bell bottoms were popular in the 1970s, especially in denim, but they have just made a great reappearance. The best method to achieve an office stylish style is to pair bell-bottom pants with a classic and modern top. The nicest thing about them is that they instantly give you a tall impression, but make sure you get a suited one. A bad fit might make you look unattractive. There are no hard and fast rules for how to wear bootcut pants, but the best way to wear them is with a well-tailored and fitted blouse, as the bell shape lends itself to a baggy appearance. Bell bottom pants are not only popular in western fashion, but they have also made their way into eastern fashion. Combine them with a short kurta or wrap for a desi stylish look. They also look great with a jumpsuit. Boot cut trousers should be long enough to reach the floor, while shorter ones seem unattractive.

Trousers Capri

Capris should be your go-to if you want to look polished and put together. They’re ideal for business wear, but make sure you get the proper fabric for them. Capri trousers are typically slim-fitting, with hemlines that reach up to the ankle. They are quite simple to wear and can be paired with a variety of tops, including loose-fitting and slim-fitting options. You can also spice up your outfit by wearing a jacket or a trench coat. When it comes to capris, the formula for success is to match them with a flowing, breezy georgette shirt and some heels, and you’ll have a carefully planned ensemble. Capris have been around for a long and are the safest option to carry a professional look when it comes to eastern ensembles. Simply match a designer kurti, preferably a baggy fitted one, with some dazzle by Sarah adorned khussas for a traditional and classic put-together appearance.

Pants with a High Waist

We are a little prejudiced when it comes to high-waisted jeans because they are the most comfortable and flattering form of jeans and look fantastic on any body shape. We are grateful to the 1980s for this fashion trend, and the current wave of wide-leg and boyfriend-high waist jeans are exactly what every girl needs in her closet for an effortless street-chic appearance. Because they are the most versatile form of pant design, they may be worn with a top, tee-shirt, baggy blouse, or anything and still look beautiful. Aside from jeans, a high waist looks great on cotton, polyester, and georgette. You may pair them with fashionable blouses or basic tee shirts, add some personality to the appearance with important jewelry essentials like hoops or pendants, and finish the look with sneakers for a chic streetwear look.


Although skirts appear to be the ideal choice for an airy, breezy style for spring and summer, culottes are the way to go if you want a more semi-formal design that is flowy and easy to carry. They’re lovely and flattering, and you can easily dress them up or down depending on your mood. Aside from plain neutral colors, flower-printed ones are also available for a fun and quirky aesthetic. In the winter, you can wear browns, whites, or black and pair them with a cardigan or thick sweater and loafers or sneakers. Culottes have made their way into eastern fashion as well, and they were the most popular summer 2020 style. These culotte pants have also been seen in formal and premium pret.

Tulip Shalwar

Every girl’s wardrobe should have a shalwar because it is timeless, vintage, and highly comfy. The classic shalwar has undergone dozens of modifications throughout the years, but one trouser design that is modern and stylish while capturing the essence of the classic shalwar is the tulip shalwar. This trendy twist on dhoti shalwar is a secret summer must-have, and it has really made its way into the desi fashion business. You can wear them with a simple kurti and block heels, as well as modest accessories.

Pants with a wide leg

If there is one thing we can take away from the 2021 fashion trends, it is that it is all about comfort. The days of wearing slim jeans as a daily uniform are long gone. This year’s trend is high-waisted wide-leg jeans. They are the finest streetwear ensemble since they are comfortable and stylish. To achieve the most casual style, wear them with a basic tee shirt or a blouse.

Cigarette Pants

Straight/cigarette pants are a popular trend in eastern fashion that is unlikely to fade in the foreseeable future. They give you an instant put-together and contoured look, and they look more professional and dressier than palazzo pants or any other sort of cut. You may wear it with a kurta, wrap, tunic, or anything else and it will look great. We’re obsessed with the latest trend of adding embroidery and embellishments to straight jeans.

Color Blocking

Aside from the tie and dye trend, another bright style that emerged during the summer of 2021 was the color block trend. This trend is contemporary and current, and it provides a new sense of freshening to your clothing. If you like to try new things and keep up with the latest fashions, this is the trouser style for you.

Trousers with Prints

Who says prints are exclusively for shirts when they’ve made their way into trousers? The floral print-on-print shalwar kameez style has captured our hearts. It has an elegant and trendy appearance and exudes an instant spring vibe. Sanaya’s latest collection includes playful printed bottoms that will instantly upgrade your outfit.


The one positive aspect of the 2020 epidemic was the comfortable clothing. Because of the pandemic, we can now wear comfy sweatpants outside, which have emerged as the chicest and trendiest streetwear. You can pair it with a trench coat or blazer for an instantly fashionable look. So, what are you holding out for? Take a break from the dull essentials by incorporating these fashionable styles into your collection. MRJ Collection offers a wide range of trouser designs to choose from. They are stylish, trendy, and comfortable. Find the one that best complements your style and wear it this fall!

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