How to Make a Brilliant Recruitment Video

Job vacancies can be exciting content depending on how people look at it. Whether they need hiring information or not, the job listing should be compelling enough for job seekers to engage with the post.

In this case, employers start using recruitment videos to reach out to a broader audience. The reason is that video content serves about 1200% more shares than images and text-posts on social media. 

Social media platforms have evolved beyond a personal online gallery or a place to post news feeds. Companies can take advantage of social channels to improve their brand image and increase sales. They can leverage social media using engaging content like images and videos to post job openings.

Since people love watching videos, using this type of content can help your company deliver information effectively. 

Take a look at the following statistics to see why companies should use recruitment videos in their job listing content.

  • Today, video content accounts for 87% of mobile traffic, and 82% of job hunters use their phones to look for vacancies.
  • Job postings with a video feature attract 12% more views and escalate the application rate up to 34%
  • Embedded video in job advertisements increases engagement by 800%.

What Is a Recruitment Video?

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Video recruitment is a short clip that not only advertises a job opening but also highlights your company’s values and culture in a fun and appealing manner. It depicts a happy working environment with excellent bonuses and rewards.

You can’t rely on monotonous-long job descriptions if you’re looking for top young talent to bring new color to your company. The lengthy explanation without attractive visuals won’t appeal to millennials and younger generations. 

Moreover, words without visuals can’t accurately capture the standpoints of your company. Through a recruitment video, you can show the real story and make people feel connected. The video doesn’t have to be fancy but truly represents the real side of your organization.  

Get to Know Different Types of Recruitment Videos

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Before getting into some tips, it’s a good idea to brush up on the different sorts of recruitment videos. It can assist you in determining which style best suits your needs.

1. Testimonial

It is the most commonly used style for recruitment video and the easiest. You can ask some of the employees to speak up about how the company is. It will be more convincing because the story comes from an insider who has experienced the real work environment in your company.  One of the good examples is from Wonolo. It shows interesting stories about why people choose to work at Wonolo and emphasize the company culture.

2. The Sneak-Peek

Make people curious by publishing a sneak-peek video that portrays a glimpse of a specific job in your organization. You can watch a video posted by Adobe when they promote the daily life of a data scientist. 

3. The Inviting Documentary

This video needs a narrator to tell the story and some interesting points from your company. One of the big companies that used this method is Sephora.The video shows some achievements of Sephora and the excellent culture that they have. It also portrays how their employee enjoys their job. 

4. The Funny Videos

It is not compulsory to create a recruitment video with a formal style. Set yourself free and be as creative as possible. You can also make funny and a bit crazy videos. You can see Dropbox’s video to get inspiration. 

What Should Be Included in a Recruitment Video?

Producing high-quality recruitment videos will help you achieve more than just attracting top talent. Compelling recruitment videos have the potential to engage passive talent, boost employer brand awareness, and grow brand perception. Furthermore, 78% of recruiters who have used videos for talent acquisition strategy agreed that the content helped improve the quality of the applicants.

All successful recruitment videos feature a few key components, such as:

  • Include the essential information

Be imaginative, but make sure you’ve given a brief overview of your organization, its values, and culture. Make your video to the point. It is also necessary to provide information about the role/vacant position in your description.

  • Emphasize the company’s uniqueness

Find out what your company’s best selling point is. Rather than telling it through a script, you can demonstrate it on a video.

  • Add subtitles to your video

Surprisingly, many people watch videos in mute mode. If your video has subtitles on it, they still can get the message. Furthermore, 80% of people like watching full video without exiting if it comes with captions. 

  • Add high quality and the right music

A good script and attractive visual will be perfect if it’s accompanied by high-quality music or audio. It will support the whole image of your company. If you want to highlight a lively culture, try a piece of upbeat music.

  • Pay attention to the duration

Just like other video content for social media, you need to make a short and punchy video. It can be a 2-5 minutes video because Skill Scout claims that the candidate only spends 1 minute and 36 seconds watching a recruitment video. 

  • Make a solid call to action

Last but not least, end your video by using a solid call to action. You can ask the viewers to send their CVs and apply for the job. A compelling CTA usually contains 3-5 words only so your audiences know what they should do next.  Where Is the Best Place to Utilize a Recruitment Video?

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Now you are ready to make your recruitment videos, but there is one question left. Where is the best place to utilize your content? 

Some social platforms are suitable for the video, and each of them has a high engagement rate whether you use paid promotion or organic traffic. Let’s look at the list below for further information.

  • Careers site, career landing page, microsites, or company sites 

Some people may directly visit your website to find a job vacancy. You can welcome them with a video. It is also a good choice if your goal is to grow employer brand awareness.

  • Social media 

Meet your potential employees on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To optimize the engagement rate and reach, you can use social media ads. If you are interested in using an advertising campaign, try YouTube, Hulu, or Pandora. 

  • Job descriptions 

According to Lemonlight, a job description with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and video gains lower bounce rates and increases organic traffic by 157%.

  • Throughout the Hiring Process 

Save your time by sending a recruitment video to your candidates. They can get a short introduction about the company, role, and the hiring process.

  • Employer review profiles 

Besides visiting your social media and website, job seekers usually gather information about a company on employer review profiles, such as Indeed, Comparably, and Glassdoor. Candidates are three times more likely to trust the company’s employees than the information provided on the company’s sites.

  • Talent Community 

Keep in touch with your promising candidates by sending them a recruitment video relevant to their qualifications and experiences. They might be interested in your job opening. 


You do not need to spend millions of budget to produce an engaging recruitment video. Fulfilling all the essential elements, using authentic ideas, and showing the natural uniqueness of your company are enough. 

Author Bio:

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company.

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