5 Things to Know About Living in the Bay Area

The Bay Area is one of the most vibrant portions of the country, offering the chance to enjoy culture, food, beautiful art, and endless entertainment: but what’s it like to live here?  Whether you’re curious about moving for work or you’re excited to make a change in your personal life, it will make a huge impact on what you can afford.


These are the top five things you need to know about living in the Bay Area.

1.  The Price

From the high price of Oakland houses for sale to the high cost of renting in San Francisco, it’s no mystery that the Bay Area is an expensive but beautiful area.  These are some of the most costly places to live in the country, and for most people, it’s impossible to afford.


If you’re not making over $100,000 a year, it’s a good idea to stop and consider if a roommate would be a good option for you.  Not only will a roommate cut down on the price of living, but it will also give you someone to explore the area with!

2.  The Drive

Although the drive here isn’t as bad as in Los Angeles, The Bay Area still has a lot of rough traffic.  This traffic can quickly add hours to your work days and work weeks and leave you unable to feel like you’re able to relax when you’re in your car.  


In the Bay Area, public transit is comprehensive and covers a lot of the area, with a pretty stacked schedule, but it can get pricy if you don’t budget for it.


If you expect an hour of traffic every day, it’s a good idea to get into podcasts or audiobooks so you can find something to listen to and look forward to during this time.

3.  The Entertainment

There’s nowhere with better entertainment on hand than the Bay Area!  In this portion of California, you can catch endless live shows, enjoy beautiful concerts and plays, and have fun catching movies earlier than anywhere else in the world.  

4.  The Beautiful Nature

The Bay Area is full of massive parks, beautiful bay and river views, and so much more that will help you feel connected to nature.  This lifestyle is great for mental health and will give you a chance to try something new that will speak to your need to get outside.

5.  The People

The people here are completely different from anywhere else in the world!  Not only is this a progressive area, but you’ll find that people are easy to befriend and network with.  This is especially important for anyone who wants to feel like they’re at home in a new city.  It can be alienating to move somewhere like NYC or Seattle, where most people keep to themselves, so moving to the Bay Area gives you a chance to connect with people in more ways than you’d believe.

There’s Nothing Like the Bay Area

This is a one-of-a-kind area of the country that sets itself apart with a flourish.  If you’re ready to try something new and want to live an exciting life, it’s time to move to this beautiful area.

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