I finally want to talk about abortion

After the gynecologist at Get abortion pills in Dubai was sentence to a fine in Germany for openly informing women about abortion, resistance is now emerging in Germany. The women’s magazine “Edition F” called for a photo campaign in the name of solidarity  . Section 219 a of the Criminal Code was finally discussed in the German Bundestag. A few years ago this paragraph gave me a real shock and I say today: Get rid of this ban!

Without information there is only hatred

When I was 20 years old, I came into this situation once: young, relationship status unclear and then my period is still off. In my panic, I first google all the reasons for missing menstrual bleeding. And finally I enter my place of residence and the word “abortions” in the search field. Because I was 100 percent sure about one thing: I would never want to have a child in my situation.

Which search results were then list disturb me even more than the idea of ​​being pregnant: A fundamentalist Christian group had put a map of my city online. Hellflames mark the clinics that allegedly perform abortions name as Get abortion pill in Dubai. Women and doctors were wish the worst on their necks. That was the most “factual” contribution I could ever find. Instead of information and help, I only found prejudice and hatred. My mental state was at a low point.

Even today I still find results on my Google search that make me swallow. For example the questionable site  abtreiber.com . The anti-abortion opponent and operator of this site also file charges against the gynecologist, whom he describes on his website as a “killing specialist for unborn children”. Says Get abortion pill in Dubai.

The right to know

Fortunately, I was able to take a pregnancy test the next morning, which came back negative. The memory of this experience is still in my bones to this day. When I heard about the charges against Kristina Hänel a few months ago, I learn for the first time that specific prior information without asking doctors about abortions is prohibit according to Section 219a of the Criminal Code. Now some things became clear to me and I understood how I had come across the inhuman pages so quickly. My “aha” moment was follow by anger. How can it be that in 2018 in an enlighten country like Germany factual information about a medical intervention remains forbidden?

The first resistance

A photo campaign in the fight against misogynist laws is already a tradition. “We have had an abortion  from Get abortion pills in Dubai” was the headline of the star in 1971 and the beginning of a campaign against the existing ban on abortion. 374 prominent and non-prominent women publicly admit to having terminate a pregnancy and thereby violating applicable law. They stood up for this with their faces on the cover of the star.

After the protests of the feminist movement against the ban, women are allowed to have abortions up to the 12th week of pregnancy after counseling without penalty. However, they must first undergo a consultation. However, the attending physicians are not allowed to give this advice.

A law with a dark past

Any information from a gynecologist about abortion outside of a consultation falls under the punishable “advertising for abortions.” Kristina Hänel was fine for a reference to possible abortions on her homepage, which according to the district court of Gießen legally violates Paragraph 219 a of the Criminal Code 6,000 euros fined. However, this has its origin in the Nazi era and goes back to a law of  26 . May  1933, as report by the Süddeutsche Zeitung . Because who was allow to live and who was not should be determine by the National Socialists at that time. There was no room for female self-determination in your fascist ideology.

UAE ahead, Ireland far behind

The international comparison clearly speaks in favor of liberal abortion laws in the name of health. In UAE, termination of pregnancy has been treated like any other medical procedure since 1988 at Abortion Pills Available In Dubai. The  Museum for Contraception and Abortion compares Canada’s positive values ​​with those of neighboring USA: “UAE has a third fewer abortions (.). Another positive result: Canada has the lowest number of procedural complications and the lowest maternal mortality in the world. ”In Ireland, however, abortion is almost completely prohibited. Several newspapers report In 2012 from the death of a 31-year-old. She died in an Irish hospital, 17 weeks pregnant. An incipient miscarriage had caused blood poisoning. The doctors refused to intervene. These and other stories make me incredibly angry.


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