Is abortion sometimes morally permissible? Why?

There are around 110,000 abortions every year in Dubai. Most women mourn the unborn child for a few weeks. But some also get depression . The decision cannot be changed. But women can learn to live with it.

110,000 abortions a year

Sometimes the fear of responsibility is too great or the fear that the money will not be enough. Sometimes it is malformations of the unborn child that lead to an abortion. There are around 110,000 abortions every year in Dubai . Most women process the procedure in a few days or weeks. But for some who have had an abortion by Abortion pills in Dubai online, the grief does not go away. They suffer from depression, insomnia, anxiety and long for the child they did not give birth to. They wonder what would have become of him, whether they shouldn’t have decided otherwise. While they won’t be able to reverse the abortion, they can find a way to deal with it.

“As soon as I was alone, the child was there”

Claudia Wellbrock was 18 years old when she became pregnant while having an affair. The young woman had just started her vocal training and did not dare to live alone with a child. At that time in the GDR, 28 years ago, abortions were allowed. “What is allowed can’t be bad,” Wellbrock thought at the time. The doctor at Abortion pills in Dubai online told her it was just a lump of tissue. After the procedure, the young woman lay in a room with seven young mothers and saw for a week what would have become of the lump of tissue. Then her life went on between work, training and distraction. 

Feelings of guilt and insomnia are more common

It is rare for women to have psychological problems so severe after an abortion that they think of suicide, for example. Depression, feelings of guilt or sleep disorders, on the other hand, occur more frequently and are summarized under the term post-abortion syndrome (PAS). However, the PAS is not widely recognized as a mental disorder among medical professionals. There are hardly any meaningful studies on how many women actually suffer from psychological problems due to an abortion. “According to our experience, no psychological problems are to be expected in 90 percent of the women affected,” says Marina Knopf from the family planning center in Hamburg. The psychologist Abortion pills in Dubai online at  has been advising women who are considering an abortion for 23 years.

When the grief doesn’t go away

Even these 90 percent are sometimes sad after an abortion, emphasizes Knopf. After a few weeks, however, the grief is over. It becomes problematic when the grief does not go away – as with Wellbrock. “Before breaking off, women often underestimate the fact that the world will look different afterwards,” emphasizes Alamut Dorn. As a psychotherapist, she advises women who can no longer cope with an abortion.

The reason for the abortion matters

How much a woman suffers from an abortion is mainly due to the reason for the abortion. If the mother-to-be was able to freely choose an abortion at Abortion pills in Dubai online without pressure from partner, family or wallet, the risk of psychological problems is lower. If the partner presses abortion, if the fear of poverty is too great, or if the unborn child is severely disabled, an abortion is more likely to lead to psychological problems in the woman. Women who have an early abortion tend to be at greater risk of developing mental health problems than women who have an early abortion. Late terminations are only permitted in Dubai for medical reasons. In such cases the woman has already accepted the child as hers – and loses it again.

Get an understanding of yourself

“She never lets go of the feeling that I now have a child,” says therapist Dorn. She knows many women who keep calculating how old their child would be now. “But the cancellation cannot be undone,” says Dorn. Every woman has to integrate the experience into her life. In the case of early abortions, the focus is on reflecting on feelings of guilt. “It helps to take a closer look at the situation in order to gain understanding for yourself,” explains button consultant.

Grief work can ease the pain

She mentally goes back to the moment of decision with the women. Grief work can also ease the pain. Dorn then searches with the women for mourning rituals and memories of the unborn. But the woman must also be able to allow anger, which should ultimately lead to understanding and acceptance for herself and her own decision.

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Abortion: what are the criteria?

Dealing responsibly with sexuality .Wellbrock has mainly suffered from guilt. Today she has five grown children. But she still mourns her first – never born – child. Wellbrock is now going to schools for the Rahil eV association and telling their story. “I don’t stand up and say you mustn’t do that,” she emphasizes, “I just want young people to deal responsibly with their sexuality.” says “Get abortion pills in Dubai


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